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Snowy Day Dreaming

Why now is the best time to plan your gardens!

It's another cold and snowy day in Upstate NY!

Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle... a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light... and the anticipation nurtures our dream. Barbara Winkler

The latest Nor'Easter gave us around 10" (so far). According to Punxsutawney Phil, we will have 6 more weeks of winter, which is not exactly the news many of us wanted to hear! For some, the winter months with their short, dark days and frigid temperatures can be very depressing. This is why it is the PERFECT time to plan your gardens for this year!

Planning your gardens can really give you something to look forward to and it can keep you busy while you are stuck inside on these snowy days. Looking through seed catalogs and beautiful pictures online can give you a boost. It is always fun to add a few new perennials into your gardens or try the newest Hydrangea. Planning things out can help with avoiding those impulse plant buys later in the Spring (although there is nothing wrong with a few of those!) and make sure that you have a spot for the plants you take home.

Especially if you are planting a vegetable garden, planning and researching are very important. If you are new to veggie gardening, now is the time to start learning about various vegetable plants, their growing habits, how much they produce, and their sunlight and space needs. Think about what you like to eat and how much of it you can realistically consume (Do you really need 10 Zucchini plants? Do you have room for 10 Zucchini plants? How many neighbors really want your Zucchini when you are sick of it and have 50 to give away?) Also, REALLY important to think about: Do you have easy access to water? What kinds of critters do you have? How much time are you really willing to dedicate to a garden?

Planning a garden can be overwhelming, especially if you are new at it. We are ALWAYS willing to help! We want you to be successful gardeners! Please don't hesitate to stop by and chat with us or contact us through our website or social media. We will also be trying a few Zoom classes this Spring- Basic Vegetable Gardening and The 2021 New Perennial Preview will be among them- keep checking our Events page for more details!

Enjoy the snow day and think about the sunny, warm Summer gardening days! They will be here before you know it! Rest up and dream!

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