Wholesale Produce

Here's what we have available this week:

Are you looking for bulk produce for your restaurant or cafeteria? Looking to resell at your Farm Stand?  Do you need a large quantity to can or freeze? 

When we are in harvesting, you will find a list below of product we have available for bulk purchase!  

We are GAPS Certified and inspected annually by the USDA/NY Ag & Markets.  We are also FSMA compliant and inspected.

Squash- Yellow

July 19-July 25, 2021:

Beans- Green- $35 (15 lbs)

Beans- Romano- $35 (15 lbs)

Beans- Yellow Wax- $35 (15 lbs)

Cabbage- Green- $20 (50 lb)

Cabbage- Red- $28 (50 lb)

Cucumbers- $22 (half bushel)

Kirby (Pickling) Cucumbers- $28 (half bushel)

Onion- White- $10 (12 count)

Pepper- Green- $25 (bushel)

Scallions- $16 (12 bunches)

Squash- Summer- Yellow $18 box (20 lb)

Squash- Summer- Zucchini $18 box (20 lb)

Swiss Chard- $18 (12 Bunches)