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Farm Stand & Garden Center

Happy Spring!

June is here and we still have LOTS of plants to make your gardens beautiful!  Since we grow most of our plants on site, we are still planting to make sure that we are well stocked through June. Our greenhouses are bursting with color!  Stop by to get some beautiful flowers or veggies to fill up your gardens.  


It has been VERY dry!  Most of us haven't had a good rain since the beginning of May.  It is VERY important that you keep your plants watered and fertilized.  A good, deep watering is essential to keeping your plants strong and healthy.  We are also seeing lots of customer questions about bug issues- caterpillars on trees, Scarlet Lily Beetles on Lilies, and aphids on almost everything!  We have a number of organic and conventional solutions for you in our Garden Shop.  If you are having issues please take pictures (or better yet bring a piece of your plant/bugs in a Ziploc bag so we can take a good look and make recommendations.   

Did you know that our small business sells the goods of 49 other small businesses?  Please remember to support local, small businesses not only on Small Business Saturday, but throughout the entire year!  Thank you for your support! 

Have you signed up to be a Gade Farm Loyalty Club Member?  Next time you are in sign up at the register and start earning 2% back on your purchases! Thank you for shopping with us!


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Very nice place with a lot of variety of plants, herbs, veggies, bushes, even trees.  They also have a nice grocery store with fruits, veggies, honey, maple, dairy products, and I have to say the best fudge I have ever had.


Have been coming here for flowers and local produce for over 20 years.  The flowers are always gorgeous an d the staff are helpful when you have questions about certain ones.  Many of the fruits and veggies are from Gade or are from the local areas, they're always fresh.


Beautiful plants were well tended.  Love the native plants.  Well set up for COVID 19.  Friendly crew...And collection spot for the Guilderland Food Pantry.

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