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Vegetable Plants

2024 Vegetable Starts

Now is the time to start planning your vegetable garden!  Remember to leave enough space for the plants to grow- the 2 inch tall and wide Zucchini plant you buy from us can grow to 3 feet tall and wide!!  If you need help planning out your beds let us know- we are happy to help you get started and have a healthy and fruitful garden this year.  

Below is a list of what 'We're growing for you" this year.  We grow them all right here in our greenhouses in Guilderland and make every effort to grow strong, healthy plants for your gardens and our fields.   Please note- all of our vegetable plants are non-gmo varieties and we also carry a number of Heirloom vegetables (especially tomatoes) but none of them are certified organic.  We plant multiple times to try to have availability throughout the planting season but just because it is on the list DOES NOT mean that we have any in stock- please check with us if you are looking for something particular.  

PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP OUR PLANTS!  They are for sale at our nursery only!  We can arrange local delivery if needed.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have any requests for next season!  You can email  Thanks!


2024 Vegetable Plants

"We're growing for you..."

Beans- Amethyst

Beans- Green

Beans- Yellow


Brussels Sprouts


Cabbage- Red

Cabbage- Savoy



Collard Greens


Cucumber- Burpless

Cucumber- Marketmore

Cucumber- Pickling

Eggplant- Fairytail

Eggplant- Classic

Eggplant- Lucilla

Eggplant- Megal Italian

Eggplant- Shikou

Eggplant- Snowy



Kale- Curly Leaf

Kale- Red Russian

Kale- Scarlet (red curled)

Kale- Straight Leaf

Kohlrabi- Purple

Kohlrabi- White


Lettuce- Boston

Lettuce- Green Leaf

Lettuce- Head

Lettuce- Red Leaf

Lettuce- Romaine

Melon- Cantaloupe

Melon- Watermelon Sugar Baby

Melon- Watermelon Yellow Doll

Melon- Watermelon-Crimson Sweet

Okra- Jambalaya

Onion- Red

Onion- Yellow

Pak choi

Peas- English

Peas- Sugar Snap

Pepper- Banana (Hot)

Pepper- Carolina Reaper

Pepper- Cayenne Long Thick

Pepper- Cherry Hot

Pepper- Cubanelle

Pepper- Ghost (Bhut Jolokia)

Pepper- Habanero Orange

Pepper- Hungarian Wax

Pepper- Jalapeño

Pepper- Lady Bell

Pepper- Long Hot Portugal

Pepper- No-Heat JalaFelicity

Pepper- Poblano

Pepper- Purple Beauty

Pepper- Bell- Red Bull

Pepper- Bell- Yellow

Pepper- Bell- Orange

Pepper- Yummy Orange (Mohawk)



Squash- Summer Yellow

Squash- Summer Zucchini

Squash- Winter Acorn

Squash- Winter Buttercup

Squash- Winter Butternut

Squash- Winter Delicata

Squash- Winter Hubbard

Squash- Winter Spaghetti

Squash- Winter Sweet Dumpling

Swiss Chard- Bright Lights

Swiss Chard- Green

Swiss Chard- Red

Tomatillo- SuperVerde)

Tomato- Abe Lincoln 

Tomato- Beefmaster

Tomato- Burpee Big Boy

Tomato- Big Rainbow

Tomato- Black Krim

Tomato- Blue Beauty

Tomato- Brandywine Pink

Tomato- Carolina Gold

Tomato- Cherry- Red- Nature Bites 

Tomato- Cherry- Sweet 100

Tomato- Cherry- Yellow

Tomato- Classic Beefsteak

Tomato- Delicious

Tomato- Dester

Tomato- Early Girl

Tomato- German Johnson

Tomato- German Striped

Tomato- Gold Medal

Tomato- Grape- Red

Tomato- Grape- Yellow

Tomato- Great White

Tomato- Green Zebra

Tomato- Hungarian Heart

Tomato- Jet Star

Tomato- Jubilee

Tomato- Juliet

Tomato- Kellogg's Breakfast

Tomato- Large Barred Boar

Tomato- Mortgage Lifter

Tomato- Orange Accordian

Tomato- Paisano

Tomato- Patio

Tomato- Plum (Roma)

Tomato- Plum- Amish Paste

Tomato- Plum- San Marzano

Tomato- Purple Cherokee

Tomato- Sart Roloise

Tomato- Thorburn's Terra-cotta

Tomato- True Black Brandywine

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