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2024 Herbs

Fresh herbs are such a great addition to any meal and it is SO satisfying to grow your own and pick them fresh to use in your cooking.  We grow a TON of herbs-just take a look at the herb plants we will be growing this year for sale in our greenhouse (baby plants for you to grow in your garden).

Just because it is on the list DOES NOT mean that we have any in stock-please check with us if you are looking for something in particular.  

PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP OUR PLANTS!  They are for sale at our nursery only!  We can arrange local delivery if needed.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have any requests for next season!  You can email  Thanks!


2024 Herbs

"We're growing for you" 

Anise Hyssop


Basil- Genovese

Basil- Holy

Basil- Purple Ruffle

Bay Laurel


Calendula- Alpha



Chamomile- Roman


Chives- Garlic

Cilantro- Santo

Curry- Dwarf


Echinacea purpurea

Eucalyptus- Silver Dollar

Geranium- Citronella


Lavender- Ellegance Purple

Lavender- Munstead

Lavender- Super Blue

Lavender- Vicenza Blue

Lemon Balm


Lemon Verbena

Marjoram- Sweet

Mint- Apple

Mint- Banana

Mint- Berries & Cream

Mint- Chocolate

Mint- Ginger

Mint- Hilary's Sweet Lemon

Mint- Kentucky Colonel

Mint- Mojito

Mint- Orange

Mint- Peppermint

Mint- Spearmint

Mint- Thai

Oregano- Golden

Oregano- Greek

Oregano- Hot & Spicy

Oregano- Italian

Oregano- Variegated

Parsley- Curled

Parsley- Italian

Rosemary- BBQ

Rosemary- Upright


Sage- Common (Berggarten)

Sage- Purple

Sage- Tricolor

Savory- Summer

Savory- Winter

Stevia- Sweet Leaf 

Tarragon- French

Tarragon- Russian

Thyme- Archer's Gold

Thyme- Cascata Lemonade

Thyme- English

Thyme- French

Thyme- Golden Lemon

Thyme- Lemon

Thyme- Lemon Variegated

Thyme- Pink Chintz

Thyme- Silver Edged

Thyme- Winter

Thyme- Wooly


Wild Bergamot

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