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Online Shopping Tips

Online Shopping Tips

We are pleased to offer Contactless Curbside Pick up or Delivery for our customers!

We are excited about our new online store and hope that you find it easy to get what you need.   

  • We are offering pickup or delivery Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday from 10 am-4 pm (our Winter hours).

  • Prices are updated on Friday morning right after we get back from market.  Please note that some prices may have changed from when you placed your order.  You will be charged the price that is in effect on your pick up day. 

  • Orders $0.01-$24.99 have a $5 picking fee, $25 and over there is NO picking fee!

  • Delivery fees are $5 for up to 5 miles from the Gade Farm or $10 for 5-10miles away.

  • Orders placed before noon will be available for pick up on the same day.  For orders received after noon, we will try our best to get them done the same day but they are guaranteed for the next day.  If you want your order on a specific day or you want it delivered, please just put your request in the "Notes" section at the checkout.  Ordering ahead is ALWAYS a great way to ensure you will be first up!

  • We will call you as soon as your order is ready.  We will let you know if we didn't have something, approve substitutions, and then get a payment over the phone.

  • Once you have heard from us, your order will be ready for pick up!  Please park on the far end of the building (left side if you are looking at it from the road) in front of the bakery entrance and give us a call at 518-869-8019 to let us know that you are here and someone will bring your order out to your car!  

Here are a few tips to make your shopping experience easier:

  • Currently, it is MUCH easier to order from a desktop computer than from your phone.  We are working on making the mobile version easier- please be patient with us!

  • When you go to the Online Shopping Page, you can search for an item (ex Bananas) by typing the item into the search box.  

  • You can also FILTER the Items by Category (Ex: Fresh Fruit) and then SORT by Name A-Z.  This will give you all of our products alphabetical order. 

  • For items that are sold by the pound- 1=1lb (For example-1 Zucchini= 1lb of Zucchini).  If you only want 1 Zucchini, please put in a note in the note box. We will try to get as close as we can to the requested weight.  PREPACKAGED Meats (like Oscar's, Sweet Tree, and Farmer Focus) are not able to be separated- we will get you as close to the weight as we can.   

  • For items that are sold by the piece- 1=1 (For example Cucumbers- sold by the piece).

  • Use the - or + to decrease or increase the quantity and them hit "Add to Cart".  For some items with multiple sizes or flavors simply hit "Add to Cart" and a menu will pop up asking you to choose which one you would like.  Please note:  some varieties are more expensive than the base price.  When you choose it the correct price will show.  (Ex: Honeycrisp Apples are more expensive than other apple varieties). 

  • When the "Mini Cart" appears on the side of your screen when you add an item (in the Desktop version) you can just click on the triangle at the top to close it and go directly back to the page that you were on.  If you get sent to the cart, just hit "Continue Shopping" to go back to the main Online Shopping Page.

  • If at any time you get stuck or aren't sure what to do, just send us a message in the chat and we will help you out!

  • If you want to leave a tip for your personal shopper, please just let us know in the "Note" section.  We will add it to your order.

Thanks for your support and patience with our new online ordering system!

If you get stuck- please just call us at 518-869-8019 and we can take your order over the phone!

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